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Our Story

Reno Refractories, Inc. has long been recognized as a leader in the Iron Foundry Industry. However, with the ability to monitor and satisfy the growing demands placed on the refractory products needed by today’s manufacturers, we offer a full line of quality refractory products and custom designed precast shapes that are sold and distributed worldwide.

Our company is privileged to have a group of dedicated employees continuously rising to the demands of our customers’ refractory requirements. Our sales and customer service department, engineering department, research and development department and precast shapes department here at Reno Refractories, Inc. can provide a satisfactory solution for our customers that will meet or exceed their needs.

Today we produce and distribute products for all major industries including: Aluminum, Integrated Steel and Mini-Mills, Cement, Lime Minerals Processing, Electric Power Generating Plants, Coke Plants, Boilers, Waste Incineration, Copper and Forging and Petro-Chemical Industries.

Here at Reno Refractories, Inc., we are committed to satisfying or exceeding the increasing demands of our customers. As our company continues to grow, the basic principles of Honesty, Quality and Service remain. It is our belief that a long lasting business relationship cannot survive without these simple but important principles.


Reno Refractories, Inc. began making its monolithic Refractories in the mid 1980's under the guidance of Mr. Sid Reno. Mr. Reno was a retired foundry worker. He had more than 35 years of experience with a large cupola melting pipe plant in Birmingham, Alabama.

Mr. Reno continuously stressed honesty, quality and service as the basic principles for business. These lasting principles are still practiced today through the leadership of Mr. Elmer Reno, CEO.

Continuing the family tradition are Elmer's sons, Brent and Braxton. Brent served our country in the United States Marine Corps. He spent a year in Iraq fighting the war on terror and received an Honorable Discharge from the United States Marines in June of 2007. Brent currently works with our Technical Services group providing onsite installation support for Reno Refractories products. Braxton graduated from the University of Alabama in 2005 with a degree in business. He is currently the Human Resource/Safety Manager.

The youngest of Elmer's sons, Bryan, was scheduled to graduate from the University of Alabama, but was tragically killed in an automobile accident in 2003. The University presented the Reno family with a posthumous degree in Metallurgical Engineering, in honor of Bryan.

As well as an outstanding scholar, Bryan was also a very talented artist. In memory of Bryan and his passion for art, shown here is his rendered image of a Reno company logo that was drawn a few months prior to his accident.


In 1992, Reno founded a full service installation company called, Reno Construction Company, LLC. Reno Construction Company, LLC was sold in 2006 and is still in operation under the guidance of Mr. Karl Mandulay. Reno Construction Company, LLC changed it's name to KAMCO Services, LLC is a distributor of Reno Refractories, Inc. products.

In 1993 Reno Refractories, Inc. was the first company to install a low cement Shot-Crete refractory material. It was installed at AK Steel, located in Ashland, KY.

In 1995 Reno Refractories, Inc. received Patent Number: 5628940 for Shot-Creting low cement castables. Our registered trademark name for this patent is JetCast ®.

Four years later in 1999 Reno Refractories, Inc. received Patent Number: 5954872 for Dry Phosphate-Bonded Castables. Our registered trademark name for this patent is NoCem ®.

Along with these achievements we also have experience in Iron Foundries, Steel Plants, Aluminum Plants, Electric Power Plants, Petro-Chemical Plants, Boiler/Incinerator Facilities, Lime Plants, Mineral Processing and Cement Plants and Precast Shapes. Whatever your company's refractory needs, Reno Refractories, Inc. can provide a solution.