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Plastics & Ramming

Plastic and Ram Product Line

Plastic and ram refractories are moldable and are installed with air rammers. Plastic refractories are installed without forms and provide a dense, crack-free lining. The initial firing or cure-out is faster than for castable concretes containing water. The majority of Plastics and Rams are bonded with phosphoric acid, resins, or air setting chemicals. The Workability of our Plastics can be tailored to the customers preference or needs.

Key Features
  • Shipped ready to use.
  • No forms are needed, if so, wood can be used.
  • Fast initial firing, curing is short.
  • Good thermal shock resistance.
  • Phosphate bonded plastics have good abrasion resistance above 1000 F.
  • Phosphate bonded plastics bond well to existing refractory and make an excellent patching material.