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Precast Shapes

Our precast division has the capability to cast anything ranging from 5 lbs in weight to 25,000 lbs.  We have two dry out ovens with a total combined capacity of 5,000 cubic feet and a top temperature of 800 F. We have mobile capacity to dry out steel shell vessels to a temperature of 1500 F. With refractory production and lab facilities in house, the precast facility has an enormous advantage to meet and exceed the goals of our customers that others cannot.

We pride ourselves in quality and promptness to satisfy the needs of our customers and produce it at lower cost. Please call and let us help you with your problems at hand today.

  • Annealing Base

  • Annealing Base

  • DC Roof Insert

  • E.A.F. Taphole Safety Block

  • Launders

  • Submergible Alloy Tray

  • Tundish

  • Aluminum Furnace Lintel

  • Cupola Pressure Poured Taphole Block

  • Delta

  • Foundry Hot Metal Stir Beam

  • Ladle Covers

  • Ladle Lip Brick

  • Precast Ladle Insert

  • Runners

  • Steel Ladle Bottom

  • Wear Pad Block For Incinerator