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Industrial Cement Refractory Products

RENO Refractories is a leading manufacturer of cement kiln refractories and refractory products in the United States. Our experienced sales and technical teams, combined with Research and Development, evaluate past procedures and product applications to help determine the best custom solution for your operation. As some of the best in the cement industry, our dedicated representatives evaluate your procedures, conditions and goals to assess which RENO services and products most suit your application.

High Temperature Resistant Products

Need a cement-bonded refractory castable for a burner pipe or clinker cooler or a colloidal silica cement-free castable for a suspension preheater? Looking for a magnesia alumina spinel brick that improves your rotary cement kiln? No matter what you need in the cement industry, RENO will assist you every step of the way.

Let Us Find a Cement Solution For You

When you get in touch with RENO Refractiories, you’re tapping into over 30 years of experience. We have eight manufacturing plants across North America, and some of our inventory is Ready-to-Ship, so you can count on a custom solution that is timely and perfectly suited to your needs.

Cement is just one of RENO’s many specialties. Take a look at all of the available services we have to find what works best for your business. Our representatives are ready to talk to you — reach out now, and we’ll get started on your project.

Industrial Kilning
Cupola Furnace Casting
Petro Chemical Applications


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