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A History of Excellence in Service

Humble Beginnings

RENO Refractories, Inc., was founded in 1976 by Mr. Elmer Sidney RENO “Sid” and his son, Elmer Sidney RENO Jr. The initial product lines were service and patch type plastics and mortars, mainly for cupolas, desulphurization ladles and coke oven chamber fills.

RENO Refractories, Inc., began making its monolithic refractories in the mid 1980’s under the guidance of Mr. Sid RENO. Mr. RENO was a retired foundry worker and understood the importance of high-quality refractory products and service. He had more than 35 years of experience with a large cupola melting pipe plant in Birmingham, Alabama. Mr. RENO continuously stressed honesty, quality, and service as the basic principles for business. These lasting principles are still practiced today through the leadership of Mr. Elmer RENO, CEO, and his sons, Brent and Braxton RENO.


RENO establishes its own state-of-the-art research and development center with the intention of developing a new line of low cement refractories.


RENO Construction Company is formed.


RENO combined the pumpable low cement products along with a spray system and completed the world’s first refractory shot-crete system for a torpedo car. The repair was completed within 5-hours.


RENO receives its first USA Patent for Refractory Shot-Crete.


RENO is granted a license to use a sol-gel, a USA Patented Technology. RENO’s NC Products became an instant success for iron foundry ladles, cupolas and holding furnaces.


RENO sets records in cupolas nationwide as newer developments in refractory technologies made substantial cost savings for major companies by cut alloying and coke cost significantly.


RENO enters the Cement and Lime markets with its product lines of shot-crete and low cement refractories.


RENO receives its second major USA Patent for No-Cement Gunning Methods which is widely received by many industries.


RENO introduces its ElectroCast Product line and receives a USA trademark status for the names, ElectroCast™, ElectroPump™, and ElectroShot™.


RENO Refractories, Inc., continues to invest time and money in researching new and advanced refractory technologies which will bring cost-effective products to their customers and will save them time and money. RENO continues to offer best all-around technical and on-site assistance programs.