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RENO Installation Services

Onsite Installation of Industry-Leading Refractory Products

At RENO we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver exceptional service to our customers. Our service capabilities do not end with a purchase order. We strive to insure our products are installed properly so that our products obtain the optimum properties and provide the performance our customers have come to expect from RENO products. As an additional service to our customers we staff a full-time service department and have technicians available to be on-site for any installation assistance of RENO products that a customer requires.

RENO has many years of expertise in gunnite and shotcrete installations. If a customer or a third party is installing our material, RENO can provide installation assistance as a sub-contractor. We can provide on-site technical assistance as well as the installation equipment for shotcreting, gunning or pumping. Our technicians have completed work in a myriad of industrial applications. Typical applications are:

1. Mini-Mills

  • Furnace Conveyor Hoods
  • Hot Gas Ducts
  • Slag Pits
  • Ladle Preheater Walls

2. Foundries

  • Cupolas
  • Gas Off-Takes
  • Combustion Chambers
  • Duct Work
  • Holding Furnaces

3. Minerals Processing
4. Lightweight Aggregate Kilns
5. Pulp and Paper
6. Metal Recovery Systems