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Aluminum Provider

Facilities and expertise to provide your aluminum services

RENO Refractories, Inc. is a premier value provider to the aluminum industry.  Our dedicated team comprises experts with diverse backgrounds in refractory applications and aluminum melting operations. With our technical support, engineering and precast capabilities, we offer comprehensive assessments of your operation and recommend the safest and most cost-effective refractory systems.

Aluminum Furnace

RENO has the materials to make your melter or holder go the distance. If you are looking for a trouble free lining then RENO has the answers. Through information gathering and partnering with the customer, we can custom tailor a refractory lining that is made just for your situation. RENO has all of the products needed to build a bulletproof aluminum melter or holder.


Reno’s AluSHIELD product line offers a range of suitable products to meet the requirements of non-wetting behavior, thermal shock resistance, and abrasion resistance for troughs. AluSHIELD 60 QH and AluSHIELD 50 FS offers reliable performance. For the best option, AluSHIELD 75 FS stands out as the top choice for even higher performance, providing enhanced durability for lasting life of troughs and launder systems. AluSHIELD 5520 SC provides a more tailored solution for specialized applications where impact and wear are an issue.

Over the Road Ladle

Over the road ladles present an interesting challenge for refractories – they must be highly insulating, but also dense enough to maintain thickness from the erosion of filling and emptying. RENO has developed a proven solution to this perfect storm by combining our Ladle Cast AL 100 with a thin layer of RENO NC Gun 60 LW on the walls. For the floor, we use the same insulating layer of RENO NC Gun 60 LW but for the working lining we use our robust Refcast Locem 3160 AL. This lining combination will give you years of trouble free service.

Furnace Tools

Furnace tools applications

Aluminum Services

We handle aluminum services in a number of ways at RENO Refractories, Inc.. Below is a gallery showcasing some of the materials we handle and the capabilities of our production line. ClickTouch the images to zoom.