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Always the Premier Option

What Sets RENO Apart?

RENO Refractories, Inc. is committed to researching and developing new and innovative refractory technologies. Innovation is paramount in addressing the most demanding customer’s applications in a timely and cost-effective manner. We employ our advanced research capabilities, technological advances, with stream-lined production, that combined, enables RENO to deliver our new and current products faster than any competitor.

Strength in Numbers

We operate as a “TEAM”. Our strengths are our willingness and spirit to deliver customer satisfaction. Customers refer to us as Conquerors of Heat. We exceed in all our expectations in what we do. All members of our TEAM are highly trained and are committed to delivering the best product, “on time”, and in a manner our customers have come to expect from RENO Refractories, Inc.. Our true strength is our spirit to serve, which is embodied in all our highly skilled and dedicated employee group, “TEAM RENO.”