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With the tools, research & development, and experience of over 35 years in the refrcatory industry, RENO Refractories Inc. is a trusted leader in heat resistant material design and implementation.

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Precast Shapes
Industrial Kilning
Cupola Furnace Casting
Petro Chemical Applications
Steel Ladle
Copper & Iron Casting
Concrete Moulding

Endless Industry Application

Today we produce and distribute products for all major industries including: Aluminum, Integrated Steel and Mini-Mills, Cement, Lime Minerals Processing, Electric Power Generating Plants, Coke Plants, Boilers, Waste Incineration, Copper and Forging and Petro-Chemical Industries.

Applications for Your Business

Always Producing the Highest Quality Products

We pride ourselves in quality and promptness to satisfy the needs of our customers and produce it at lower cost. Please call and let us help you with your problems at hand today.

Premier Products

lasting principles

forged in fire

RENO Refractories, Inc. began making its monolithic Refractories in the mid 1980’s under the guidance of Mr. Sid RENO. A retired foundry worker, Mr. RENO had more than 35 years of experience with a large cupola melting pipe plant in Birmingham, Alabama. He continuously stressed honesty, quality and service as the basic principles for business, principles which are still upheld today. RENO Refractories Inc. strives to be the premier provider of refractory services in the southeast United States.

Continuously Working with Honesty, Integrity, and Diligence