New Development

RENO ELECTROCAST TECHNOLOGY is a recently developed revolutionary binder system which uses electro-magnetic forces to draw particles together for the formation of high density/low porosity, low permeability refractory castables. When the particles and aggregates are pulled close together, the amount of liquid required for placement is greatly reduced. In most cases, pumping and casting of these advanced refractory compounds have been achieved with less than 4.5% water and some with less than 3.5% water. As the space between the individual particles is reduced, reaction rate between the individual minerals is also increased leading to the formation of new ceramic compounds at much lower temperatures than previously thought possible. Additionally, with the early onset of sintering, the materials begin to “seal themselves off” and form low permeability structures.

The major benefits inherent in all of RENO’s ElectroCast ™/ ElectroPump ™ products are:

  • Reduced Pore-Sizes even beyond those seen in comparable traditional colloidal no-cement products (<1.0 micron and as low as 0.024 microns for some special coatings). Reduced Permeability (<1 to 20 Millidarcies) compared to common cement bonded materials (100 Millidarcies), and traditional colloidal no-cement products (40 Millidarcies).
  • Extreme Temperature Resistance and High Hot Strengths achieved via the higher purity chemical bonds formed and lower levels of free silica and calcium which allows for elevated temperature resistance.
  • Increased Abrasion and Wear Resistance due to higher densities and lower levels of porosity in these tighter structures.
  • Increased Corrosion Resistance due to low permeability and high purity chemical bonds.

SYNTHETIC FORSTERITE RENO has undertaken the role of fulfilling its mission to help provide more profits for our customers by developing a completely new set of products utilizing our “RENO Electro Technology.”

RENO has partnered with several mineral manufacturing companies and raw mineral suppliers around the world to be able to provide a new synthetic forsterite mineral for refractory applications. This fused aggregate is a mixture of magnesite and silica, which when produced under strict conditional parameters, results in a mineral that can resist iron oxide and steel slag mixtures better than dolomite and magnesite that is currently used in these applications. Forsterite can also handle temperature swings, similar to mullite, while tolerating extremely high temperatures of more than 3,200° F or (1760°C.

With these attributes, RENO ElectroCast ™ FST will replace Dolomite Brick in ladle-barrels and bottom applications, while a chrome- fused magnesite version (RENO ElectroCast ™ FM – CR) will replace the Impact Pads and Well Block Areas.

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