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Stainless Steel Fiber Selection In High Temperature Applications

Stainless Steel Fiber selection is critical in maximizing the performance of precast refractory shapes. Selecting an alloy that is well suited for the environment along with 4% to 5% of fiber addition can sometimes double the life of a standard precast shape versus one with no fibers. Careful consideration must be taken to select the correct alloy or else the fibers become a weak point in the overall matrix and will cause a premature failure. Typically, a precast shape that only sees intermittent or one-sided heat can utilize a lower grade alloy such as 304SS whereas parts that will be introduced to a soaking atmosphere at high temperatures can benefit from the higher grade alloys. Below are three (3) examples of some of the fiber options we have at RENO Refractories, Inc., after being fired to 2500F. The photo on the right is after trying to remove some of the fibers from the tray.

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